The Ins and Outs of Webinar Moderation

Understanding the ins and outs of webinar moderation is important as it has become a high-demand skill in the world of marketing, and allows companies to properly promote their business in a way that is effective and personable. Understanding the purpose of a webinar and how it functions is key to webinar success. Let’s walk through the process together.

The Who: Webinar moderation is when a team member of a client or organization acts as the host of a presentation. The moderator is often someone who has a background in marketing, with a strong skill in public speaking. These webinar presentations can include Q&As for an educational institution, informative talks on home loan options at a bank, or a presentation on pro tips from a chef at your local restaurant. They are often live, real-time sessions, and are usually recorded and used for future purpose. The moderator is simply the facilitator, and they are joined by a group of experts in the field, who are there to provide detailed information on the topic. Think of it like this: the moderator is there to ask the questions, but the experts are there to answer them. 

Webinar Moderation

The Why: The purpose of webinar moderation is to present information to your audience in a way that is organized, concise, and engaging. In a time of virtual communication, technical difficulties often arise in live presentations. The moderator is there to be the guide for both the presenters and the audience. Their purpose is to ensure that the session is running smoothly and to be there in case something goes awry. Webinars are often used as a way to promote a business, which means a webinar event may be the first time that your audience is meeting your organization. Having a moderator there to run the session allows your brand to give a strong first impression to your audience, showing that your team is well-prepared. 

The How: Webinar moderation can seem like a complicated process at first, so it is important to remember that once you learn the ropes, you will soon become a master. Webinars are usually hosted through third-party presentation platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and On24. The moderator is basically the “producer,” meaning that they are running the backend of the session. This includes making sure that the other presenters are ready to go in terms of camera and microphone functionality, presentation rundown, and any technical questions they have before the session begins. From there, the moderator starts the session, introduces the speakers, pushes any necessary slides, and combs through the questions from the audience. Here are some webinar best practices to get your moderation skills in gear! 

Now that you know the ins and outs of webinar moderation, it is time to get started! Look into appointing a webinar moderator for your organization’s next webinar, so you can take your brand marketing to the next level and show your audience what you are all about.

If you would like help with your webinar strategy or moderation, feel free to contact us. We offer a variety of services like social media marketing, digital marketing & analytics, marketing & brand strategy, and more to small and large companies.

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