brand development & design

Building a brand is far more involved than coming up with a corporate design. Creating a logo, color palette and slogan without considering strategic brand positioning often leads to an incomplete brand that doesn’t perform.

We develop brands based on strategic branding and brand development. So what are branding and brand development, and what is the difference between the two?

Branding is the consistent use of color, graphics, type and icons in advertising materials. It creates a standard for the look and feel of a brand. Branding decisions include choosing the font, style, border color, and text and logo positions. The standards that are established in the branding process have nothing to do with a logo or corporate design standards.

Brand development is the communication of the U.S.P. (Unique Selling Proposition) This is the creation of a look, tagline or sometimes a character/icon that serves as a consistent identifier of what makes your brand unique. It’s what makes you stand out among competitors.

The Brand Development Process Includes:

  • Brand naming/identity
  • Brand visual language
  • Brand standards
  • Package design
  • Collateral materials
  • Internal communications
  • Sales data sheets
  • Presentations
  • Catalog

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