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Food and restaurant marketing is a world of its own and each food brand and location has a unique set of challenges. We delve into the heart of the brand and into the mind of your consumer. After years of experience, we have mastered the integration of creative approaches into social media engagement, campaigns, and promotions. We’re constantly refining our efforts to evolve with the needs of our client partners in managing everything from public relations and traditional advertising to packaging and point of sale.

Senior Hispanic woman is sitting at table in casual dining restaurant. She is having meal with her adut children and grandchildren. Her mid-adult son has his arm around her and they are both smiling. Family is eating chips and salsa, and Tex-Mex or Mexican cuisine food and drinking water.

Addressing Hispanic Audiences in Restaurant Marketing

When putting together a comprehensive marketing plan for your restaurant business, it is very important to consider how different demographics make purchasing decisions and overall …

Multimedia video concept on TV set in dark room. Man watching TV with remote control in hand.

The Rise of OTT Advertising for Restaurants

What is OTT Advertising? OTT (“over-the-top”) advertising is a form of targeted, programmatic ad delivery via Internet-connected TV sets. Popular streaming media platforms like Netflix, …

Video chatting with friends during social distancing

How to Plan, Promote and Host a Virtual Tasting Event for your Restaurant

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, restaurants across the U.S. face restrictions on the number of people they can serve in their establishment. These circumstances have …

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 11.39.39 AM

Google My Business Offers Easy Ways to Capture New Restaurant Diners

Google My Business – is offering restaurants a way to promote their menus and get orders for pickup and delivery without charge until January, …

feedback concept

Utilizing Feedback Loops to Improve Customer Experience and Increase Sales for Your Restaurant

It’s no secret that the restaurant business is a competitive and evolving industry. Great food, a pleasant environment and friendly service are obviously integral to …


Creating a Well-Designed Online Menu

Create a well-designed online menu using these tips and guidance. Your menu may be the first thing a potential guest sees from your restaurant. Use …


Color Trends for Restaurants

Restaurant branding can be used to tell a story even before the guest takes their first bite. Some of these color trends for restaurants have …


Your Customers are Hungry for New Menu Items

It’s pretty easy to capture customers as a new restaurant. The appeal of that bright, shiny new restaurant is pretty hard to resist for most …


Creating top-of-mind awareness: know your competition.

When someone says, “let’s do Mexican tonight,” you want people to know your restaurant immediately when mentioned in that list of options. That’s brand awareness. …

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