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The 2022 Bay Plate Ad campaign drives home the message that each purchase of a Bay Plate helps restore the Chesapeake by supporting special programs that reduce pollution in local waterways and rehabilitate wildlife habitat.

Our 30 years of industry experience includes: financial, education, association, non-profit and restaurant

The beauty of developing a marketing campaign is the strategy behind it. Great campaigns don’t just start with a cool idea. They start as objectives. We craft a strategy to leverage the hell out of every last penny. However small or large the budget, an integrated, multimedia approach always creates the most powerful impact.
From national chains to regional multi-unit brands, our restaurant experience has produced successful marketing campaigns at all levels. We can help you increase customer counts, increase check averages and enhance brand loyalty.
Today if banks want customers to stick around, most need to put a heavier focus on personal communications. Simply advertising your best rates and services won’t do. They must continually demonstrate to customers that they have offerings to meet their present and future financial needs. Marketing plans should focus on customer needs, not products and service.
When you represent the interests of an entire industry, the work never stops. We’re no stranger to supporting teams that are juggling everything from new services offerings to current member support to retention and membership development.

Award show trophies are nice but this is what really motivates us…

The Cyphers team was willing to be an extension of our staff. Their capabilities extended our reach and the work we were able to accomplish.

Erin E. Ball
Executive Director
Grain Foods Foundation


…their integrated marketing efforts have directly correlated to higher attendance at our events and overall higher sales. We would not have grown so rapidly to where we are today without their expertise.

Ryan Duggan
Director of Operations,
Frisco Restaurant & Reckless Shepherd Brewery

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