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Online reputation management can be described as the process of monitoring, identifying and influencing users who are talking about your brand. An effective reputation
With the human attention span shrinking, it’s more important than ever to craft your message wisely and utilize effective tools to reach your audience.
For the most part we all know Google has a new social networking service called  Google+ which allows you to share links, photos, updates and video
In 2009, Chevron Global Marketing launched a new campaign for Texaco with Techron gasoline. It was called “Tex Message,” and intended to depict the
About a year ago we began hearing some unsettling stories about our favorite fast food franchise, McDonalds. Specifically, that the chain was setting us
Act. Perform. Do. Move. Execute. Commit. Pursue. Participate. At the end of the day, most brands are trying to accomplish these things. Most want
Its a common debate among advertising professionals as to the degree of importance that the number of fans or followers attributes. While some claim
Every morning, I come into work (usually with a Starbucks in hand, much to the dismay of my bank account), and sit at my
“So how’s work?” We all hear it all the time. It’s a reliable small-talk thing to say when you run into someone in a
So far, I’ve blogged mostly about what I’ve learned thus far during my time at The Cyphers Agency. But of course, I’m still new and
I can’t believe I’ve been at The Cyphers Agency for over a month now. Sometimes I feel like I have worked here forever, but
Over the past few weeks I have been working at The Cyphers Agency, I’ve answered a lot of questions from friends and family about
People love to be recognized as experts. This means you should tap the expertise of your customers. Ask them their opinions and reward them
The Cyphers Agency is glad to announce the addition of Bailey Whittaker to the Push-n-Pull division, helping us strengthen our word of mouth efforts!
Here is a really interesting video with some statistics about the current state of the internet and how it has evolved. Videos like this

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