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Most of us can say that we have been influenced via social media to make a purchase. Whether it was ordering a new product
The almighty algorithm, the reason behind our joy or annoyance on social media, is a closely guarded secret. Some platforms give us a little
If you’re even remotely involved in the marketing and advertising world you’ve heard of influencers. Whether you’re familiar with the approach, have worked with
TikTok is taking over, and you could be too. With millions of “For You” pages complete with an endless scroll of creators sharing their
LinkedIn has coined itself as the world’s largest professional network on the internet, currently standing at 900 million members. The platform acts as a
Ever wonder what the right dimensions and sizes are for images across each social media platform? With so many social media apps and websites,
In 2022 we saw the rise of nostalgia-based campaigns, interactive out-of-home ads and a lot of branded clothing and accessory lines. Below, our digital
If your business is among the 90-96% of companies leveraging social media to communicate with your customers, then you know the struggles of keeping
When launching a restaurant, building brand awareness, and connecting with target customers, should be some of the first priorities when developing the marketing plan.
Video pre-roll ads are flexible as they can target users based on their viewing habits, age, demographics, and interests. These video ads can be
Testimonials are a wonderful way for businesses to highlight the experience they can provide their customers. Educational institutions can also make use of feedback
When it comes to the world of social media today, metrics are everything. From followers to likes, and even the number of viewers watching
TikTok might not be the first social media platform you think of when it comes to financial advice but as with most things TikTok,
Email marketing, including promotional emails and e-newsletters, is an important aspect of a thorough marketing plan. Our favorite part about it – the content
In today’s climate, each industry and its accompanying audience of consumers are feeling the effect of the market fluctuations. When it comes to banking

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