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A social media post isn’t complete without some sort of media asset to go along with it. Whether it be an expertly crafted video,
The world has turned to virtual means when it comes to sharing information and building community. While some educational institutions were recently forced to
YouTube ads are a great tool to use in order to optimize your presence on the platform. With so many different options, YouTube makes
Understanding the ins and outs of webinar moderation is important as it has become a high-demand skill in the world of marketing, and allows
The accelerated growth of video marketing on digital platforms has only gained momentum over recent years. Most social media platforms have integrated video into
With Instagram’s new video format “Reels” coming close to a year old, we’re now starting to notice what video content performs well on the
Creating YouTube content ideas for your restaurant is imperative to reach your target audience and gain traction for your business. As YouTube engagement continues
Now, more than ever, universities must adapt to the online world. Students and family members rely on virtual assistance for help and count on
What’s a Flash Mob? A flash mob, defined by Wikipedia as “a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform

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