Maryland Health Insurance Plan Case Study


Thousands of Maryland residents live without health insurance due to a “pre-existing” medical condition. Maryland Health Insurance Plan (MHIP) offers state and federally funded insurance coverage for such individuals but participation was lagging. Our goal was to exponentially increase applications & enrollments. We needed to increase awareness and reach a tightly defined target audience: Maryland residents with pre-existing medical conditions; who had been uninsured for at least 6 months; and who could afford the plan.


To best reach this extremely narrow target audience, our strategy was to motivate the broader population WITH insurance to recognize how fortunate they are and consider friends and loved ones who think they can’t get coverage. Our creative concepts grabbed attention and drove home this serious message with a tongue in cheek execution by pointing out that most of us take health insurance so much for granted that we complain about waiting rooms, shots and embarrassing hospital gowns. We also developed creative approaches to maximize reach and frequency across the state. This included highly integrated, concentrated campaigns in three high population areas of Maryland, coordinated with a unique grassroots “Navigator” program. The “Navigator” was a full-time team member that went on the road speaking and distributing materials to churches, medical, community, and support groups that were closely connected with the target audience. The media mix included:
  • Traditional Media – TV, radio, outdoor advertising
  • Online – Natural SEO, paid search, targeted ad network buys
  • Social – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube videos to engage audience, Boost SEO
  • Public Relations
    • Traditional – press conferences, profile life-changing results, campaign creative
    • Navigator Outreach – speak, distribute materials to groups: medical, community, churches, support groups
  • Custom Lead Capture Website w/Interactive tools
    • Eligibility Quiz
    • Rate Calculator
    • Intuitive, streamlined Application Guide


  • Over 203 Million Impressions created from integrated campaign
  • High Level Audience Engagement:
    • Over 60,000 Web Visits
    • Over 10,000 Interactions with Online Tools
    • Over 600 call-back requests
    • 59% Increase in Applications over pre-campaign baseline

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