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Testimonials are a wonderful way for businesses to highlight the experience they can provide their customers. Educational institutions can also make use of feedback
The world has turned to virtual means when it comes to sharing information and building community. While some educational institutions were recently forced to
The connection that your educational institution has with prospective students is valued at a premium when it’s rooted in transparency and accessibility. Whether for
Understanding the ins and outs of webinar moderation is important as it has become a high-demand skill in the world of marketing, and allows
With YouTube being the second most popular search engine in the world, your educational institution should take advantage of the available real estate on
Educational institutions have taken a lot of their marketing efforts to social media platforms, but is there still a place for email marketing? Not
Increasing engagement on your educational institution’s Facebook page is necessary when your goal is to provide a helpful, online community for your audience. We
Educational institutions have several opportunities to leverage influencer marketing in unique ways. With educational institutions comes many important topics such as tuition, experience, general
In the age of virtual learning, schools across the world needed to adapt to a new normal. Goodbye to hangouts on the quad and
No matter the social platform you’re using, as an educational institution it’s important to establish set social media content topics for your social media
While we have all mastered scrolling through an endless stream of homepage feeds, the experience of tapping through Instagram Stories is a new favorite
Now, more than ever, universities must adapt to the online world. Students and family members rely on virtual assistance for help and count on
Instagram is a great platform for cultivating an online community for educational institutions. The easy-to-view and interactive platform allows for low-effort engagement from prospects,
For an educational institution, implementing and sustaining positive reputation management online is fundamental. It’s how you reach current and potential students and find growth

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