Podcast Marketing Tips For Non-Profit Organizations

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Showcase Exclusive Content

When planning and marketing your podcast, whether you are in the very beginning stages or already established with loyal listeners, a great way to spark genuine interest is to offer unique content that is only available on the podcast. For example, hosting a compelling discussion with an industry prominent guest speaker could then be leveraged on the organization’s other digital platforms to raise awareness and attract more supportive listeners inspired by your cause. People are much more likely to become intrigued and want to tune in knowing the podcast is the only place they can consume this particular content. A podcast could also be used to make a big announcement about something new and exciting the organization is doing; therefore, giving people even more of a reason to listen and share with others. 

Target Niche Audiences

Hosting a podcast is also extremely beneficial to nonprofits because it gives them the ability to market to very specific, niche audiences with interests directly related to the organization’s mission(s). For example, a nonprofit that is dedicated to spreading awareness and raising funds for children’s cancer research, could interview those directly affected by this disease on the podcast, such as survivors or families with a sick loved one, and therefore reach others who either directly relate to their experiences or simply feel passionately about donating to the cause. People within these niche markets are then more likely to share and spread the word about the podcast to others also in these specific interest groups, therefore continuing to grow your audience of devoted listeners and supporters. 

Personalize Your Brand

A podcast is also a great vehicle for nonprofits to connect with audiences on a more emotional level by (literally) using their voice to further define their brand identity and compliment their message. Individuals and groups are more likely to both support and donate to a cause if they are able to directly relate to it in some way on a personal level. Some may then even feel compelled to engage and add to the conversation, which could then produce more and more brand ambassadors spreading the message of the organization. Hosting speakers who are truly passionate about your organization and can tell a real, true story about how the cause has affected their life, could inspire others to want to get involved and make a difference in favor of the cause.

Incorporating a podcast into a nonprofit’s overall marketing plan is a powerful tool that generates significant awareness about a cause, tells the organization’s story at a more personal level, and ultimately grows its community of loyal supporters and donors.

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