How to Use Your Public Relations Wins to Boost Your Brand

Congratulations, you’ve got a PR win of being quoted in an article or interviewed on radio/TV! Now what?

PR win

Once you’ve obtained a PR win, such as a quote, bylined article or appearance on a radio or television program, it shouldn’t just be posted to your news archive and forgotten (and if you don’t currently have a news page, that should be step one!). The main objective of PR is to promote your expertise and boost awareness of your company, so why wouldn’t you put that hard-earned interview to work to amplify these goals?

There are numerous ways to bolster the impact of your PR wins; we’ve compiled our favorite methods for leveraging them across your website, social and sales channels here:

Website & Client Correspondence:

  • Add the win to your website’s news page – the necessity of this section bears repeating, as your customers will check this to assess your visibility and thought leadership.
  • Place high-profile or newest wins on your home page.
  • Include wins in your newsletters and other client correspondence, as well as prospect materials.
  • If any PR win is an award, don’t be afraid to use that award logo on your website – celebrate that success!
  • Expand upon the topic of the article or interview in the following ways to promote on your site and social channels:
    • Blog post
    • FAQ
    • Podcast
    • Infographic


  • Pin high-profile wins to the top of select social pages.
  • Link the win on all social media platforms with appropriate messages to each audience.
  • Continue to share past wins on social to promote your expertise on a particular subject. You can also use them as throwback posts or if the topic is trending again in the news.

To successfully integrate wins across your website, social channels and sales efforts, it’s imperative that your social, sales and PR teams work in tandem. Whether this work is done in-house or through an agency, make sure all parties are aware and collaborating to get the most out of your thought leadership. In the words of the inimitable Vanilla Ice, “stop, collaborate and listen” and get to cross-promoting!

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