5 Ways to Make Your Google My Business Listing Better

Google My Business Listing

A Google My Business (GMB) listing is a great and FREE way to help your business get more phone calls and website visitors. Once you’ve claimed and verified your listing, you can make sure it is an accurate source of information about your business. Learn more about the things you can do with your Google My Business listing below:

1. Post about Events, Special Offers, Products and More!

Google Business Posts
Posts are a good way to add new content to your business listing. Types of posts include What’s New Posts, Event Posts and Offer Posts and Product Posts. Add a post in your listing by selecting Create Post in your listing dashboard. Choose the type of post and add your information, preview and post. What’s New and Product posts are active for seven days while Event and Offer posts are active until the end date selected. Here is an example of a Google search result that shows a Google My Business listing with a What’s New post:

Example of Google My Business listing with What's New post

2. Check Suggested Updates

People visiting your business listing can make suggestions about updates needed. Someone might notice that a phone number is incorrect or add details about your business. You have an opportunity to check suggested updates and either allow them to be added or change them. Visit on a regular basis to make sure information about your business is accurate.

3. Respond to Customer Reviews

Customers can review your business on Google and you will see the reviews in your GMB listing. As the business owner, you can respond to reviews and feedback. See tips from Google on how to best respond to reviews or contact us for assistance.

4. Remove Duplicate Listings

Sometimes, a business will have more than one GMB listing or Google Maps listing. If you see a duplicate listing for your business, you can request to have it removed. This helps prevent inaccurate information about your business from appearing in the search results.

5. See How Customer Search for Your Business

Look at Insights on the left of the GMB dashboard to see how customer interact with your listing. See how many people called, viewed directions or visited your website. See the days and times of the week when your listing gets the most traffic.

Bonus Tip: Add Photos for More Clicks

Click Photos on the left to upload new photos or videos about your business. Having recent photos helps your listing get even more clicks.

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