How HARO can put your financial institution on the map

Help A Reporter Out, more popularly known as HARO, is a great tool that we often recommend to (and use for) many clients across a variety of trades. It quickly and easily connects journalists with sources they need for upcoming articles. Using HARO can often be an efficient way to get your financial institution noticed through features in some of the greatest outlets out there. In case you are still wary of using this online service, we have compiled a list of some of the best reasons why you should consider using this powerful outreach system: 

Reach trade outlets as well as consumers

You can use HARO to establish thought leadership within your industry as well as maintain and grow your customer base through articles in consumer outlets. The wonderful thing about HARO is that a variety of outlets use it to seek sources. So, no matter what goals you have for your institution, you are likely to meet them through the use of HARO.

Build meaningful relationships with reporters

HARO is a terrific way to build relationships with reporters because you can find who is already looking for sources on topics relevant to you and your institution. Even if their specific HARO query may not be exactly what you are looking for at that time, you are still able to see the reporter’s name and can perform your own research to save their contact information for when you are developing future pitches or seeking more opportunities.  

Have access to some of the top publications out there

As mentioned earlier, reporters from a variety of publications (including Forbes, Yahoo News, Insider, and more) use this online service to find sources for future articles. Using HARO provides easy access to some of the most well-known publications locally, nationally, and sometimes even internationally.  

Each morning, afternoon, and evening Monday through Friday, the HARO database sends out an email digest with a list of story ideas reporters need sources for. Each HARO query provides a summary and a list of requirements on what the reporter is looking for. Scanning through each email digest can be a quick way to see what trends are out there or what current events in your industry reporters are seeking experts to comment on. Even if you don’t want to submit a response, this information can still be helpful for your institution internally when establishing yourself as a thought leader or when crafting messaging for future opportunities.  

Overall, HARO can easily assist with those first steps toward building professional relationships and securing the best opportunities for your financial institution. For more information on crafting the best strategy for your institution, check out our blogs on market research, website design, and customer marketing

If you would like help with marketing and advertising for your financial institution, feel free to contact us. We offer a variety of services like digital marketing & analytics, marketing & brand strategy, and more to small and large companies. 

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