Covering Timely News Through Customer Marketing as a Financial Institution

The financial industry is a beast all its own when it comes to conveying important news to a vast array of audiences. From complex content to constantly changing regulations, it can often be challenging for institutions to get out critical information quickly and efficiently to both clients and prospects.

Check out our top 5 tips financial companies should follow when developing and distributing news below:

  1. Organize Press Releases and News by Financial Category

As a financial institution, your client base consists of a variety of audiences with varying financial needs. From individuals seeking assistance with personal tax prep to business owners seeking guidance with changing legislation, it is important to convey relevant information efficiently to each of your clients. A successfully way to structure this type of news output is by categorizing all articles, blogs, and newsletters according to the appropriate audience. For example, all social posts should include applicable hashtags that are filtered to those searching on those topics. E-newsletters should strategically be sent to specific lists based on topics. And as always, including relevant keywords within blogs and articles is crucial for SEO value and helping promote the visibility of your content organically in search engines.

2. Add Imagery to Help Make Information Digestible

It’s no secret that financial jargon can be difficult to understand and often lengthy to explain. One way to help your clients and prospects understand the content of financial news articles is to break up the written word with some type of informative imagery. Graphs depicting financial projections, diagrams breaking down drawn-out requirements, and callout quotes emphasizing vital statistics are all great examples of visual ways to convey the same information aside from a long, complex written explanation. They also help to condense the length of news articles, key to keeping reader’s attention and preventing them from becoming overwhelmed.

3. Widely Distribute News through Various Mediums

Different people prefer to get their news through a variety of means. This means in order to reach the bulk of your contacts with important information, it is ideal to promote news through a variety of outlets. E-newsletters, RSS feeds, social media, and your website are all extremely effective methods for getting out information to the masses. Some platforms (such as Hootsuite) aid in this distribution process by pushing out content over several platforms at one time.

4. Provide Any Updates Routinely and as Quickly as Possible

During the past pandemic year, financial news has been especially fluid as new legislation like PPP loans have been rolling out bits at a time. For this reason, any updates have needed to be pushed out to the public as quickly as possible to ensure accuracy and to prevent individuals from missing deadlines. It is important to keep all news information on your website up to date, so that you do not create any confusion among your viewers or are sharing incorrect information. It is also advisable to post a date on all news articles, from the initial piece to any updates, so that it is clear what is most current and how recent the news may be.

5. Close Articles with a Call to Action and Contact Information

Trusting someone else with your finances may be scary for some. Financial institutions that consistently provide accurate and useful information may have an easier time winning the trust of prospects due to the representation of their industry expertise. For this reason, it may be a good idea to include a call to action and easy contact method at the end of news articles and releases. The call to action can be as simple as “contact [specialist name here] for more information on [financial news topic being discussed].” This can not only makes it simple for someone reading an article to reach out you, but also puts a credible identity behind someone who is knowledgeable in the field they need assistance with. 

By following a template and routine, the daunting task of creating and distributing financial news can be made much easier and hassle-free for institutions. The best thing to do is to get started today, and maximize the exposure of your financial knowledge to your clients!

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