Website Design Trends for Financial Institutions

In our growing digital world, brick-and-mortar financial institutions are gradually seeing fewer visitors over the years. Everything can be done from a browser window or even better, the bank’s own app. More credit card-based companies are introducing banking services as well, and they’re all online. To stay up to date with growing technology and design, banks must keep up with trends for their website in order to retain customers and draw new ones in.

Responsiveness is key

Designing and developing websites in general require supporting mobile and tablets in addition to computer browser size. Make sure your website is responsive and that it properly scales on various screen sizes. This very much includes banking websites. Most people are always on the go and don’t always have the time to sit down at a computer and check their finances. Making sure your bank’s website is mobile-friendly is an important part in designing or redesigning your website. This ensures consistent user experience across all operating systems and browsers. 

Simplicity and Consistency

No one likes clunky, information-heavy websites — bank websites included. While you want to show everything your bank has to offer, no one reads every bit of copy on your site. People will always skim through. Therefore the best practice is to minimize the amount of text and fluff and keep your website simple and straightforward. No one likes having to guess whether they’re in the right place or signing up for the right bank. People put trust when they are certain and this is especially the case when it comes to finances. Make sign-ups quick and simple. Minimize the amount of fields needed to provide more incentive.

Keeping a consistent design with your website is also quite important. This easily comes from your company branding. Make sure all your buttons are consistent throughout. All your headers and body copy are the same fonts and sizes. This creates a uniform feel and doesn’t confuse the user.

Visuals Throughout

A lot of banks are moving towards data visualization, making it more comprehendible and easier to make sense of to the consumer. These can easily be in the form of charts or infographic styles. Visuals also include photos/imagery and can help break up areas of any text or copy. 

Making sure your website is up to trend is important due to how fast technology and design evolve. Especially now that we live in a very digital-based world, banks must be able to accommodate this and provide a user-friendly website for old and new customers to access.

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