Breathing New Life into Employee Recruitment

Once upon a time, hiring and recruitment efforts were quite separate from the ad campaigns that we develop for brands. It was always up to the HR Director to deal with bringing in new talent and hiring the needed team members. But these days, things seem to be shifting and we’re often tasked with creating recruitment campaigns to create buzz and generate applications for open positions. As hiring practices have evolved and finding just the right person has become more challenging, these recruitment campaigns allow brands to position themselves as the company to work for before the applicant even walks through the door for an interview. Here’s a peek at two of the more recent campaigns we’ve developed with clients looking for fresh blood.

Drivers Wanted Pizza AdSeasons Pizza – With the number of positions open from drivers to managers, Seasons pizza needed to generate a pipeline of applicants across multiple locations. Now you may think working at a pizza shop is not the sexiest job in the world. But I say, au contraire mon frère! The creative speaks for itself and the benefits of joining the Seasons Pizza team.

Thompson Creek Window Company – this team wasn’t just looking for new hires. They were looking for young, energetic sales staff to feed their pipeline for new estimates. Not only does this position call for a special personality, it also requires schedule flexibility. So the campaign concept was developed with young college students in mind, focusing on the great benefit of how much money they can make at this job. Money they can spend on…you know, the important things.

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