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Considering a Logo Redesign

It’s a fresh new year and time to consider updating your brand elements. Your logo is the chief graphic that represents your brand. A logo can start to look dated and not be as effective as it once was fairly quickly. Logos designed a few years ago may not have been designed with appearance on responsive websites taken into consideration. This could make it harder for people to understand and remember. Having a confusing logo is probably not what you want for your brand. When evaluating your brand’s logo to see if it’s past its prime, judge the following elements:

Memorability – Often a memorable logo has a meaningful design that enhances it’s memorability.

Uniqueness/Interest – There are some looks that are so common now such as using a swoosh type design or using an oval shape that it will be impossible for your logo to stand out. Aim for a design that is interesting and never boring.

Simplicity – A logo should be easy to understand at a glance. That doesn’t mean that it has to be just simple shapes and Helvetica. Simplicity shouldn’t preclude being interesting and memorable

Technical Considerations, ie. Scalability – Will your logo work at different sizes from a icon to the screen of your phone to a truck sign or billboard?

Execution – Make sure you are promoting consistent usage of your new logo in all of your business communications. This is made easier by creating brand standards and requiring their usage.

Examples of Logo Redesign

Windquest Logo Design

Grain Foods Foundation Logo Design

Disaster Housing Services Logo Design

Capstone Logo Design

FedData Logo Redesign

The Vertical Connection Logo Design

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