6 Strategies to Generate More Email List Subscribers

Example of an email sent to customers encouraging them to become email list subscribers.

We’ve all been there – banging your head against the wall trying to get more email list subscribers. It’s not about some new trick or gimmick, sometimes you just have to look at all the basics and make sure you’re checking these boxes: 

  1. Offer them Something of Value – Before you implement any outreach strategies to build your list, take some time to evaluate your content strategy. Are you asking people to sign up for an email list that is worthwhile for them? Or is it just pushing products and services? Ways to create value can include free tools, sharable resources, special product offers, even professional tips and advice.
  2. Making sure you have the people who already know and love you – Start with your existing customers and make sure you’ve captured them all on your subscribers list. Make sure you have these items in place:
    • Cross promote via social media
    • Add or upgrade email sign up call-to-action on your website
    • Ask customers when they interact with your business in person
    • Add the sign-up call-to-action in other communications, mailings, e-signatures, etc.
  3. Tell everyone to bring a friend – Make it easy for your current subscribers to share your newsletter. You can even ask your current email list to recommend to others and build referrals.
  4. Pair Promotions with Engagement A great offer or promotion, tailored to your audience is a very effective way to quickly generate new subscribers. But if you don’t want them to unsubscribe immediately after they cash in the offer, make you sure you have a plan to engage them. Quickly reinforce their decision with a solid thank you page and welcome email that show the value of the subscription and what they can expect.
  5. Rent Targeted Lists to Build Your Following If you’re really starting from scratch, you can always consider a short-term strategy to rent a well-targeted email list to get in front of new audiences. But use your time wisely. Give them a taste of your knowledge, resources and brand personality and be sure to include calls to action to subscribe. Most people won’t subscribe just because you asked so you’ll need to get creative and layer in ways for them to sign up and GET something rather than simply asking them to subscribe. 
  6. Make it Easy – Once you generate interest, make sure the sign-up process is as easy as possible, with as few clicks as you can manage. Otherwise, your potential subscribers will bail. Just ask for their name and email, don’t get greedy!

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