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Email campaigns can be a key component to integrated marketing when done right, but without the proper strategy, they can fall flat. One key
Creating the perfect email campaign – from the ever-important subject line to the detailed, but not too detailed, body message – is an art.
Here are a few steps to follow before launching your email campaign: 1. Create a clear goal. What is your goal and the best
Marketers have been asking this question for years. While there isn’t an exact science to when consumers will open and read your email, there
Defining the purpose of a call to action is simple – you want to capture the attention of your audience while convincing them they
We’ve all been there – banging your head against the wall trying to get more email list subscribers. It’s not about some new trick
It is a good idea when promoting your restaurant to use professional photos or choose high-quality stock photos. Hiring a professional photographer and food
In today’s fast-paced environment, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for trade associations to effectively and efficiently communicate their value to their members. Retaining
Which image formats are best to use for web and email in 2019? Learn about different image types and see examples of JPG, SVG,
If you sell goods or services to Europeans, you will need to comply with new privacy regulations going into effect soon. The EU’s General

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