Pros and cons of different media assets on social media

A social media post isn’t complete without some sort of media asset to go along with it. Whether it be an expertly crafted video, compelling static image, funny gif, or interesting audio, any media asset is better than none when it comes to engaging with your audience. While every media asset is important, there are some pros and cons to each type, so let’s dive in!

Static Images

Pros – Static images are maybe the most common media asset especially on social media. With Instagram dominating the social media landscape, anything visual these days is automatically going to garner more engagement no matter what. Not only are static images easy to post on any platform, but they give you a lot of creative control when it comes to what’s on them. You can easily incorporate brand colors and fonts in order to make something that is cohesive with your already established digital presence. 

Cons – Depending on what is on your static image, they can sometimes appear uninteresting to your audience. For example: Using a stock-like image might not be as appealing to someone as a headshot with a pull quote or a highly branded image with a photo of your office. Another con to static images is they might not be able to say everything you want them to. Before creating your media asset, make sure that it’s the right format for what you’re looking to say to your audience.


Pros – Similar to what we mentioned above, while Instagram has risen to its rightful glory, so has YouTube and TikTok in the sense that video has become just as popular as static images these days. Videos, especially shorter ones, have almost become the norm for brands and creators alike. A pro to creating videos is you have the ability to include everything you want to include in a branded way that will appeal to your audience and continue to draw them in.

Cons – While videos are a fantastic media asset to utilize, it does have its fair share of downsides. If someone on your team is not well-versed in video editing or production, it can be difficult to put a video together for your brand or product that is expertly done. This includes basic editing, text overlay, audio/music copyright, etc. Not to mention, videos need to be properly sized to fit the upload size of certain social media platforms as well. 


Pros – Using gifs is a simple way to add more humor or a lighthearted feel to your content. With having an extensive library for everyone to use, it’s easier than ever to find a gif for any topic or theme you’re discussing online. 

Cons – However fun gifs are, they are definitely not for every brand or product. If your content is more serious, gifs might not be the right media asset for you. Not only will your audience be confused, but maybe even offended depending on the content. Another con to using gifs is to be sure not to pick something or someone that’s controversial. For example, say you’re looking for a gif that says “great job”, you find a gif you like that conveys your message but you aren’t sure who the person is in it. Do a quick google search to make sure they don’t have anything problematic tied to their name or if your audience would in some way be offended by this person. Try to avoid politics, religion, or anything else that might cause tension online.  


Pro – Audio is another asset that has grown exponentially over the past several years. With podcasts taking over, everyone is all about audio these days. There are so many ways audio content can be promoted online as well – almost every platform allows for audio in some shape or form.

Cons – If the quality of your audio isn’t great, it will definitely deter people from listening to your content. Another con to audio is you can’t see it, so you’re losing that visual appealing element on social, but this is a great opportunity to create a graphic to go alongside this audio. 

With media assets always constantly evolving and changing, it’s essential to find the right one for your content or brand and use it wisely on social media. You might even grab the attention of someone new online. 

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