3 Ways Trade Associations Can Use News Monitoring for Investor Relations

You may already be familiar with the many advantages of using a media monitoring tool to keep your trade association abreast of critical industry issues and trends. But, have you considered how this tool could also benefit your organization’s investor relations?

Through the proactive, customizable searches and robust analytics these services provide, you can use a monitoring database to keep up with your members and share your insights in a variety of ways.

Here are our top three recommendations on how trade associations should leverage news monitoring for their members:

  1. Track your investors and other stakeholders
    Rather than relying on your stakeholders to update you with their news, a la the standard college alumni newsletter, monitoring allows you to see what they’re up to and where they’re being quoted. For example, learning of a member’s new product or hire, corporate initiative, or informative interview provides a perfect opportunity for a congratulatory email or call.
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2. Share your monitoring analytics in reports and presentations
Though they differ in their specific bells and whistles, all media monitoring tools provide facts, figures, and analytics that can provide great content for the annual reports, topical presentations, or trade conference materials that demonstrate value to your current and potential members. As you build your archive across topics and over time, you’ll be able to slice and dice content from multiple angles – for example, identifying the trending sentiment or rise and fall surrounding a certain topic over time.

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3. Use your monitoring insights as a membership incentive
If you’d like to impress your members more than once or twice a year, you can offer a unique value-add by providing them your monitoring updates on a weekly or monthly basis. Given that they share your interest in specific trends and topics, a turnkey report that they come to rely on for news updates may become the membership incentive they never knew they needed.

A news monitoring tool is beneficial for investor relations by providing excellent two-way insights between you and your stakeholders, allowing you to keep up with their news while also providing them with relevant updates and analytics. As an added bonus, offering these insights could distinguish you from the competition. We encourage you to take your association beyond the era of Google alerts and unlock the many benefits of proactive news monitoring.

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