Skin Care Case Study: Branded Packaging Gets Product on Shelves

Branded Packaging gets CPGs on shelf


This revolutionary skin care line sought to break into the market and compete against well established, national brands. Armed with a truly effective product, a passionate leadership team and a modest budget, the brand’s management was seeking the most effective way to create retail partnerships for national distribution while connecting with consumers to create demand for the product line.


With little to no mass advertising, the packaging was the primary means of communicating the brand’s distinction. Unfortunately, the old packaging was falling short of convincing retailers and consumers alike to try the product line. With no true brand message to stand on, a simple redesign wasn’t going to cut it. Thus the strategy was to go through the brand development process. After detailed secondary and primary research a new positioning strategy was developed that focused on the scientific formulation of the product line, which is what makes CoralActives both unique and effective.

The creative team then brought the new CoralActives brand to life with a new logo, tagline, colors, fonts and graphic elements that dramatized the unique selling proposition. The first order of business was to execute the new brand into strategic packaging designs. The new packaging would have to convince retailers to make room on their shelves for the product line while also popping off the shelves with a powerful brand message that would resonate with consumers and move them to try CoralActives.


CPG Marketing gets products on shelf with branding

It’s clear that the brand development and new packaging has played a critical role in expanding retail distribution. Since the project was completed, the sales team has met with retailers and secured shelf space in hundreds of stores across the country including Wegmans, Kinney Drugs, Sears and Bartell Drugs. Most notably, retailers who previously declined the product line based on the appearance alone were happy to make a distribution deal once they saw the newly branded packaging.

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