Triplepet Pet Toothbrush Case Study

Name, position and launch revolutionary new pet toothbrush


Awareness of the health benefits of brushing dogs’ and cats’ teeth was growing and consumers were clearly ready to spend more in this category. However, retail buyers did not think their customers needed a “better mousetrap” when it came to the basic concept of a toothbrush.


  • Developed name, logo and full brand for this new, 3-headed toothbrush.
  • Created ad concepts to dramatize the unique product benefits that make TriplePet much quicker and easier to use.
  • Point of sale mock-ups helped buyers visualize products during pre-production phase.
  • Leveraged a limited budget with select trade advertising, trade show participation, custom sample product mailings to select buyers, and a PR campaign.


  • Sales team exceeded targets for qualified Buyer presentations.
  • Achieved distribution in both Petco® and PetSmart®, a host of smaller pet store chains and most major ecommerce outlets.
  • Total market penetration reached 10% inside of 5 years.

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