Should your restaurant be active on Pinterest?

Taking a photo with phone at restaurant for Pinterest

Pinterest is a unique platform since it operates a little differently from other social media platforms. While most social media networks are focused on personal stories and interactions, Pinterest is more focused on inspiration and creativity. As a restaurant, there are so many simple ways to promote your business on Pinterest. According to recent statistics, Pinterest has over 450 million monthly active users; that’s a lot of people looking to be inspired. Read on to see if your restaurant could benefit from being more active on Pinterest!

Do you have professional photographs of your food? 

Well now is your chance to share them! Some of Pinterest’s most popular content is food. This includes recipes, how-to’s, meal ideas, etc. Sharing one of your drool-worthy entrees with a high-quality photograph is a simple way to grab someone’s attention. Adding text to your photos will also make them more clickable as well. Not only does high-quality food photography attract more attention but it also helps your restaurant’s reputation. Beautiful photography shows potential customers that your restaurant is legitimate and open for business.

Are you looking for more website traffic?

If increasing your website traffic is on your marketing to-do list then Pinterest is a great place for your restaurant to be. Each pin on Pinterest allows you to add a clickable link right onto the pinned image making it easier than ever to head straight to your website. While Pinterest doesn’t focus too much on engagement prompts like likes or comments, link clicks should be one of your main metrics to look at once you start pinning. Struggling to get people back into your restaurant? Make a pin that links right to your reservation page making it easy for potential customers to quickly plan their next date night. 

Check out what Panera Bread posted on Pinterest to promote their curbside pick-up option. Notice the clear call to action with the “order now” orange box while also putting “Panera Curbside” in a bright green box that’s easy to see and read. This pin also includes a link to their website to order:

Pinned post for pick-up

Are you able to share valuable insights?

Most people flock to Pinterest for inspiration, how-to’s, and creative ideas. If your restaurant can offer some of this content to Pinterest users then you’ll definitely get more traction on the app. Try to think about what your restaurant specializes in, maybe it’s your bread basket, house salad, or your fresh local fish; whatever it is, use it to your advantage.

For example:

  • Give users some sandwich ideas to make if they purchase your fresh bread.
  • Show off a quick video of your local fish entrees you get in every week. 
  • Make a collage of photos with some of your most popular desserts for people to drool over.
  • Have any lunch specials? Show them off in a Pinterest ad with bright letters and photography linking right to your lunch menu homepage.

Count on Pinterest if you’re interested in sharing more of your food and what you have available at your restaurant. Be consistent and focus on driving traffic to your website in order to maximize the most of your time on the platform. 

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