10 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Video into Your Marketing

You see marketing and promotional videos online all the time. But are they right for your business? Here are the top ten reasons to integrate video into your marketing strategy!

  1. Increase Revenue: As with most marketing techniques, many business owners want to know, will video marketing actually provide a ROI? The short answer is most likely. According to a study from the Aberdeen Group, businesses that utilize video marketing report a 49% faster YOY increase in revenue than companies who do not.[1]
  2. Improve Search Engine Rankings: Organic search can be a make-or-break struggle for many businesses. Luckily, search engines like Google love videos on websites. The reason is videos typically increase the “dwell time” (the amount of time a visitor spends on your website). In fact, the average user spends 88% more time on a webpage with video than a webpage without.[2] This metric is critical in a search engines algorithm for ranking your website higher in search rankings. 
  3. Receive More Conversions: Aside from just website visits, the goal of many businesses is to gain trackable conversions. Campaign landing pages with videos tend to get 86% more conversions than those with any other type of content, so they are an extremely effective method for closing purchase deals.[3]
  4. Expand Social Reach: It’s no secret that social media is huge for gaining new customers, not just millennials but more and more audiences. Videos on social media generate 12 times more shares than text and images combined, so they are a great way to quickly grow a social audience.[4]
  5. Build Brand Trust: Did you know – an astounding 57% of consumers say that watching brand videos gave them the assurance to purchase a product from a vendor?[5] With so much competition online, videos can really be the deciding factor in having a potential customer identify with and trust your brand. They create a personal connection with viewers that may tip the scale and ultimately influence their buying decisions.
  6. Get More Backlinks: Backlinks (inbound links to your website from a different website) bring more web traffic to your site while also improving SEO. On average, a video can actually triple the average number of backlinks to your website.[6] The trick is, how do you get others to care enough to link to your site? Embedding a video that is interesting and informative may be enough to convince outside sources to do just that, because it also serves their audiences by providing engaging content. 
  7. Reach C-Suite Execs: If high level executives are in your target audience, video marketing can be a very effective method for getting in front of this hard to reach demographic. A reported 75% of business executives watch work-related videos for their industry weekly.[7]
  8. Stretch Your Marketing Budget: Some may worry that the cost of creating a video may be out of their budget, or weary of spending anything to produce a video. This may help – video production now is more affordable than it has ever been, thanks to simplified editing software and smartphones. What’s more, a single video can be used across a variety of marketing executions (website, e-newsletters, social, email, etc.) so you are really getting a bang for your buck!
  9. Video Explains Complex Ideas: Some concepts are just too hard to explain through text and images. Brand new products or complicated services may be better explained in a dynamic video format. “Explainer” videos like this can lead viewers through an overview, linear explanation of your business, while identifying key points with supporting visuals. 98% of users admit to watching explainer videos to learn about a product or service, evidence that your video will be seen and digested if you put it out there![8]
  10. Video is Engaging: Videos are not only informative, but they are also fun to watch! With so many options for content to consume online, video is arguably the easiest to digest, no matter the topic. Videos are accessible, fast and visually attractive, making it all to appealing for today’s fast paced world. Staying in the “now” with videos can help you stay on your audience’s radar and give your business the visibility it needs!

We promise that video marketing is not as overwhelming as you may think. And most importantly, it can provide numerous benefits for the bottom line of a business! Learn more about video marketing and TV via our blog!

If you would like help with your video strategy, feel free to contact us. We offer a variety of services like social media marketing, digital marketing & analytics, marketing & brand strategy, and more to small and large companies.

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