New Ways Food Brands Can Reach Consumers at the Point of Sale

New Ways Food Brands Can Reach Consumers at the Point of Sale

Supermarket Dietitians Crave Great Content

Shopping for Health, Food Marketing for Grocery Dietitians Trying to Reach Consumers

In recent years, supermarkets have discovered that Registered Dietitians are a powerful customer service and marketing tool. Almost every major grocery chain now employs a number of RDs, some as many as one per store. Supermarket Registered Dietitians (SRDs) wear a number of hats to educate and engage consumers, from managing in-store events and promotions, to social media interaction, as well as more traditional public relations outreach. Smart food brands have discovered that busy SRDs crave quality content to fuel their efforts. An equally smart PR company has developed an exclusive annual conference and a broader online resource to connect SRDs with food brands that have a nutrition platform to promote.

The site features a growing content library with free access for SRDs. Sponsor brands, once approved, provide content that can remain available for a full year online. Content is searchable by keywords or categories and can be showcased in quarterly emails as well as banner ads. Working 3-4 months ahead, as SRDs anticipate the next season, content is provided in the form of posts, tweets, images, promotional ideas – so that it is easy for SRDs to paste and personalize for their needs.

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