New Ways Food Brands Can Reach Consumers at the Point of Sale – Part 2

New Ways Food Brands Can Reach Consumers at the Point of Sale – Part 2

In part 1 of this post, we told you about a great new resource for Supermarket Registered Dietitians. Well, the launch is official and you can now check it out for yourself. The Cyphers Agency was happy to lend our food and online marketing expertise to help develop for Nancy Tringali Associates. Nancy Piho, CEO of Nancy Tringali Associates says, “This next generation of our website offers a great resource for busy SRDs and an efficient way for commodity boards, trade associations, and leading brands to provide content with real value for consumers.”

Nancy Piho explains that her team carefully screens each brand’s content. While SRDs work for grocery chains that exist to sell products, SRDs have a responsibility – in most cases it’s a true passion – to educate consumers about nutrition and how to make healthy life choices. Piho’s company also hosts exclusive annual conferences that bring together the nation’s leading SRDs for networking, presentations, and of course, food sampling, from top tier brands and commodity boards. For more information about the online resource or conferences, go to

Shopping for Health

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