Food Brands: Prepare for an Ugly 2014

Don’t worry; it’s not your sales that have to be ugly, it’s your food. Business Week recently shared details from JWT’s annual trends report predicting that 2014 will be “proudly imperfect,” especially in the food industry. And we have to admit, we’re pretty excited to embrace the not-so-perfect world of food. Enough of the over-styled presentation, the unnatural shapes, and the unattainable images that food brands present to consumers. It’s about time the food world got around to enjoying the beauty in the unpolished, raw and REAL food we eat.

Real Imperfect Food Brands Trends for 2014 via

If the prediction holds true (fingers crossed), it will fall right in line with consumer trends over the past few years. Consumer audiences want authenticity, not perfection. In everything from branded social media content to TV programming to the size of the models in magazines, consumers are attracted to genuine, authentic marketing.

We’re looking forward to giving the people what they want – a true representation of the delicious food we love best, flaws and all. We’ve always believed that people want to see real food and real people. The fans of our favorite client brands show us that food is a part of their lives and they want food marketing to be as real as the food they put on the table at home.

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