How to Dress for a TV Interview

Cameras, lights and microphones, oh my — a TV interview can be overwhelming, especially for first-timers with a bounty of talking points and facts swimming through their minds.

To make matters worse, you also have to dress the part!

And poor wardrobe choices can truly wreak havoc on what should be a valuable opportunity. Ever been annoyed by a strap that won’t stay in place? Or maybe a displaced tag that your coworkers wait until the end of the day to tell you about? Imagine battling these travesties while under a literal spotlight.

However, if you pick your outfit wisely it can actually improve your appearance by providing you with the confidence and comfort you need in order to stay focused on your message.

So, to ward off bad wardrobe juju and help you put your best-dressed foot forward, we give you our favorite tips on what to wear (and not to wear!) for a TV interview.

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Your safe bets include:

  • Solid colors – darks, beiges, blues, and pastels work well
  • Pencil skirts, straight/skinny leg pants, A-line dresses for the ladies
  • Soft, neutral eye makeup
  • Matte foundation
  • Setting powder – even for the men!
  • Neutral socks

…while these fall into the “tempting, but just say no” camp:

  • Dewy makeup
  • Noisy jewelry
  • White socks
  • All white or lots of red
  • Green – you never know when you’ll be in front of a green screen
  • Small patterns or stripes, anything busy
  • Heavy hair gel – this can look shiny on TV
  • Lip gloss if it’s an outdoor interview – you don’t want your hair sticking to your mouth

In addition to looking and feeling great, here are a few other tips to help you prepare like a pro:

  • The studio lights can get quite warm, so consider layering or dressing on the lighter side
  • When choosing your outfit, try sitting down to make sure it doesn’t pucker or gap awkwardly
  • Remember to silence your phone AND take it out of your pocket
  • Bring a lint roller if you have pets
  • Style your hair away from your face

Armed with a smile, high energy, and a strategically chosen outfit, you’ll be ready to rock your TV interview.

Just don’t forget to brush up on your messaging and bridging skills beforehand – and, once you have the link to your interview, put it to work for you afterward.

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