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A Game Changing Campaign

As much fun as the Superbowl is to watch, it’s even better to plan a Superbowl campaign for one of your clients. Superbowl Sunday is a huge day for pizza and wing consumption; so naturally, we worked with Seasons Pizza to make sure they made a big splash leading up to Superbowl Sunday.

Integration was the name of the game for this campaign. So once we nailed down our Superbowl Specials and the Superbowl Sweepstakes details, we pushed it out to existing and new customers via radio, online ads, in-store displays, social media, Facebook ads, the website and email blasts.

Super Bowl Ad Campaign for Seasons Pizza

Three Weeks Out: Superbowl Sweepstakes

The sweepstakes was the first portion of the campaign leading up to the Superbowl. Fans just had to sign up for Seasons Rewards account to be eligible.

Season Sweeps Ad Campaign

The beauty of the Sweepstakes was that it got fans thinking about and planning for the game ahead of time and created even more content for us to push out via social media when we bought and delivered the tv and the free food to the winner.

Season Sweeps Social Ads fo Seasons Pizza

Two Weeks Out: Party Planning Central

As we got closer to the big day, we shared tips on Superbowl party planning, how much food to order, and of course Season’s Specials that were available all week.

Party Planning Central Facebook Marketing

Game Day: Joining in the Fun

And then of course on Superbowl Sunday, we made sure to support online ads and remind our customers of our specials via email and then joined in the fun with fans. First getting pumped for the game and then helping everyone out with a halftime checklist.

Banner Ads for Seasons Pizza

Day of Super Bbowl Ad

In the end – it was definitely a game-changing campaign (see what we did there?). The Seasons Rewards membership doubled and we had some pretty awesome increases in online sales. Learn more about our restaurant advertising services.

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