Our 2014 To Do List


Joey Adams said it well, “May your troubles last as long as your new year resolutions.”

We know resolutions don’t always last long, but as a team, we’re always striving to get better at all the things we do. Whether you call them resolutions, goals or aspirations, here are some of the things TCAers plan to improve in the coming year:

  • Work on taking my crazy ideas and implementing them into a reality.
  • Give myself credit and a pat on the back when I deserve it (even if no one else recognizes it).
  • Keep my positive attitude, no matter what’s going on around me. No one can bring me down!
  • Make sure we LOVE the new business that comes in this year.
  • Make more professional connections.
  • Push my design skills. Keep up with web technology to create sites that are easy to navigate and work across different browsers.
  • Employ stress management techniques to avoid going insane.
  • Accept that I am great at what I do as earned not luck.
  • Have fun working on something new and different this year…like a music brand!
  • Improve productivity in meetings and brainstorms by changing locations, adjusting the meeting structure and always having copious amounts of caffeine on hand.
  • Do something specific I do best every day and not get caught up in the madness of deadlines.


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