We Love to Share: Our Favorite Fonts-Update!

Typography is one of the most important tools to convey information and we at The Cyphers Agency have our favorite fonts that are perfect for the job. This is an update to our earlier blog on favorite fonts. We wanted to write an update because, like many aspects of design, there are trendy and timeless fonts. And even though at one point we loved Zapfino or Trajan Pro (I’m… just saying this for a friend) those fonts are so hackneyed that we wouldn’t dream of using them for a serious project.

Some of us have our go-to fonts when it is time to create branding, brand development, web development, print, or anything else. However, you should always use the correct font to stay true to branding and identity. If you use the right combination of font and branding, and you are consistent, it helps your audience to recognize your company at a glance. For example, the moment you see the red background and that particular white script font you immediately associate what you are looking at with The Coca-Cola Company.

But outside of brand development, there are practical fonts that we like to use. Some fonts get forgotten, overused, or fall out of fashion, but others stand up to time and trends. Here are some of our recent favorites:


Graphic Designer Meena Ng likes to use the beautifully clean san serif fonts, Lato. A proper font that is great for text type.

Avenir Next

She also enjoys Avenir Next, an open font with a distinctly rounded aperture. Both Lato and Avenir Next have multiple different weights making them ideal choices for single font projects. Fonts with a multitude of weights can also be a good choice for company branding. Giving them many choices for their company’s communication needs, like reports, letterhead, or business cards. A strong display font for headlines and subheads is important but text type is just as important. Find something that is readable in different sizes. Always keep in mind that many people are looking at your creations on their phones. Make sure whatever favorite font you have is legible at smaller sizes.

Century Gothic

Senior account executive Danielle Reigle enjoys using Century Gothic, a similarly rounded font with crisp edges. A versatile font that can be used for special occasions, corporate documents, or personal projects.

Century Gothic

Azo Sans

Azo Sans is a current favorite of art director and SEO strategist Christina Drews-Leonard. A grotesque sans serif that is approachable and easy to read. Grotesque is an early name for san serif fonts or fonts without serifs (see figure 1). The term gothic and grotesk have also been used to describe san serif fonts.

Figure 1 – Serif, a decoration that hangs off a letter.

True North

Another font of note, and a favorite font of mine is True North, it has a unique distressed look that feels like a sign that has been in the same campground for years. The True North font has a backpack full of alternates such as patterned, 3D, inline, a handwritten version, and woodsy silhouettes of animals and gear. There is a forest of possibilities that you can use this font for.

True North

Have fun exploring, always try out new fonts to enhance your beautiful typography, and hopefully, you will find your own favorite font. Visit our Deep Ads Thoughts blog to learn more about current advertising, marketing, and public relations tips and trends. Plus, check out our Push n’ Pull blog for all things in the world of digital and social media.

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