What is the difference between “Branding” and “Brand Development?”

Is your ad agency completely building your brand?

Many agencies will tell a client that building a brand is no more than Corporate design. A new logo, consistent color palette and MAYBE a sterile slogan. At The Cyphers Agency, we do it right.

BRANDING is the constant and consistent use of color, graphics, type and icons in your advertising materials. e.g. The headline is always this font, all caps, reversed out and centered. The photos are always duotones, flush left with a blue rule around them. And the logo is always in the lower right hand corner. These colors and consistencies have nothing to do with your logo or corporate design standards.

BRAND DEVELOPMENT is developing a way to communicate what makes the brand unique. This is done by creating a tagline and a character, graphics or icon that all serve as a consistent reminder of what makes a brand unique. e.g. Verizon Wireless says it unique because of it’s service and superior signal. The tagline says “it’s the network” and the tech on the street with the trademark glasses and gray jacket is always present to assure the best quality service or asking “can you hear me now?”

Here is one of our brand development projects currently underway (more to come about this project for MarketClub soon):


Happy Holidays everyone!

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