How to Recruit Talent on Social Media

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In today’s world, social media can be utilized across any given industry and for any need. Following the recent changes in the workplace and many careers post-pandemic, it’s essential to access potential talent from all platforms. According to GlobalWebIndex, internet users have an average of five different social media accounts across various networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Before your next candidate search, read on for ways to target and recruit talent using social media. 

Post the job from your company’s LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn has continued to stand as one of the largest platforms for job listings and finding the next career move. By posting the job from your company’s LinkedIn page, you’re able to reach people who may be interested in your particular industry while simultaneously allowing them to go directly to your profile to see what the company offers. In addition, LinkedIn’s job search capabilities hold strong in producing narrow and highly relevant search results for both you and the potential candidate, which will help ensure they match up to the qualifications. Facebook also continues to expand its functions with new job listing features for business pages, similar to the structure of neighboring platforms. 

Promote your culture.

Recruiting talent takes much more than an initial job posting. It’s essential to continue to share content that aligns with your company’s culture and positive environment. These days, many people are searching for a place that they can feel comfortable and welcomed in, and a unique culture could help organically attract the right one for the job. Also, company culture content often can facilitate a few reshares, which will further help in spreading the word. 

Encourage your employees to share job postings.

One of the largest networks for reaching talent is sitting right in your office! Utilize the wide variety of connections across your employee’s social media accounts by encouraging them to post and reshare recent job listings. Given that your employee can likely vouch for these potential candidates, this is a unique strategy for getting maximum exposure while ensuring retention down the line.

Join in on trending conversations.

Whether it’s a job-related hashtag or a nationally recognized day, join in on conversations trending within the moment. Be active across relevant groups and engage when applicable to get your job postings in front of the right people. On platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, highly targeted hashtags such as #techjobs, #MDjobs, or #hiringnow can help narrow the reach towards your target audience. 

Prioritize video to engage with scrollers.

Take the next step in engaging with potential talent by utilizing one of the most effective forms: video! Most users are far more likely to stop mid-scroll and respond better to video than static content. Due to the continued rise in video thanks to platforms like Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram Reels, there is an excellent opportunity to convey messages in a tone that will translate better to the target candidate. Whether it’s a Q&A, live stream, recent projects, or client work, take advantage of showcasing more about the company and find your match!

With the recent changes in the workplace and various industries, utilize your untapped networks by targeting talent across social media. Whether it’s a new job listing that employees can reshare or a company culture that can’t be beaten, these strategies can help recruit the top-tier talent you’re looking for.

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