Creating video content with Instagram Reels for restaurants

Instagram Reels content for restaurants

With Instagram’s new video format “Reels” coming close to a year old, we’re now starting to notice what video content performs well on the platform. While Reels is similar to other video features, people online are using it in a variety of fun ways. Since Instagram is most likely already a staple in your social media presence as a restaurant, why not take advantage of this new video format to grab the attention of your audience? Read on to learn about different content ideas to spruce up your Reels content!

Latch onto trends

If there’s one thing social media thrives on, it’s trends. Trends can include a popular song, sound, or type of style. While not every trend fits your brand, certain ones can surely fit your audience. For example, last summer a popular trend flooded the internet where people everywhere started making cakes that looked extremely similar to a real object. A hand slowly comes near the cake with a knife and proves that it’s indeed a cake. Before you know it, cakes were made to look like shoes, dogs, and even bananas. This is a trend that almost any brand could replicate, but especially restaurants. Are you famous for your premium selection of lobsters? Create a lobster cake looking exactly like a real lobster and watch the internet become entertained in the blink of an eye. If a current song or sound is taking Instagram Reels by storm, incorporate it in your next video to lure people in. Don’t be afraid to join in on the fun! 

Show your food

As a restaurant, one of the most important things to showcase is your food. Try to incorporate your food in every single video you create and post. Whether it be a quick video of your bartender making a fun cocktail, or your chef creating your signature dessert, there are so many ways to make your food the central focus of your Reels content. Latching onto national days and holidays is another simple way to get more views and engagement on your videos. Serving a fun green milkshake for St. Patrick’s Day? Show a staff member creating it and add a fun Irish song onto the video so your followers know exactly what it’s for. Is your restaurant known for its mouthwatering brunch menu? Use National Pancake Day to show your incredibly fluffy cakes. Do some research and plan out your content calendar accordingly!

Tap into your customers

Why not focus on the people who eat your food and support your business the most? This can be done in several unique ways. Leverage some of your frequent customers to share what they order at your restaurant in a video format. Another way to focus on your customers is to share how they can order from your restaurant. Show your pickup station, outdoor seating arrangements, spaced-out bar set up, how your food is packed up safely, etc. Not only does this show off your space, but also gains the trust of your customers.

When it comes to video content, don’t be afraid to have fun and get creative! Focus on your restaurant’s offerings and how you can continue to boost social engagement and bring in more business. Keep tabs on what’s trending in your industry and how you can join the Reels community. 

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