Bringing the URBurger Brand to Life

Bringing the URBurger Brand to Life

Anna Forbes

Anna Forbes

A marketing maestro, Anna guides the planning, execution and management for a variety of B2B and B2C clients.

While a strong brand is critical, in the highly competitive restaurant industry building a great brand doesn’t guarantee that the customers will follow. So after working with URBurger to build a brand from the ground up, our work had only just begun.

Restaurant Design & Experience

We worked collaboratively with the URBurger team to ensure the design, layout and customer experience in the restaurant, support and reinforce the overall brand. The restaurant itself has a clean, modern design with a fun atmosphere. The wall designs were created to reinforce the brand that promises customers a burger that has been hand crafted just for them. In this case, it’s good to be greedy and tell your friends to get their own.



DSC_0868 2

Building Buzz & Creating Demand 

We then moved on to creating a buzz for the restaurant as we approach the official opening. This began with sharing behind the scenes construction pictures and updates on the design of the restaurant. As the website launched, hiring for new team members began and new social platforms launched, we made announcements of each and grew the audience. And then of course sharing a preview of menu items and unique drink offerings (who doesn’t want to try an adult milkshakes?!) got the audience excited about the new restaurant.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 1.43.57 PM

As we prepare for the official opening, we can’t wait to finally open the doors and serve the anxiously awaiting community.

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