Meet Bridget, Our Newest Push ‘n Pull Intern

Meet Bridget, Our Newest Push ‘n Pull Intern

Bridget Meyers

Bridget Meyers

Bridget Meyers is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at the Cyphers Agency in Crofton, Maryland.


Hi, I’m Bridget! I recently graduated Towson University and started working at the Cyphers Agency in social media and SEO. During college I focused my studies on visual communication, social media strategy, and interpersonal communication. I was drawn to working in social media for the endless possibilities platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. have for the world of marketing and advertising!

In my free time I enjoy reading, walking my dog, painting, and visiting friends. Things to know about me are that I love the color pink so you will see a lot of it at my desk, I treat my cat like he is my child and spoil him endlessly, and the easiest way to put a smile on my face is with breakfast food and mimosas.

I am so excited to join the Cyphers Agency and cannot wait to learn from the amazing team and see where that takes me!



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