Our Favorite Campaigns from 2018

Our Favorite Campaigns from 2018

Darren Easton

Darren Easton

As the Vice President and Creative Director of The Cyphers Agency, Darren Easton believes in creating strategically sound campaign work.

Our VP and Creative Director, Darren Easton, takes a look back at our favorite advertising campaigns from last year.


Hey guys, it’s Darren here. Everyone’s favorite creative director.

Like all of us as the year ends, I take a look back and reflect on the good and bad before embarking on new challenges ahead.

Focusing mostly on the good, I’d like to share some of my favorite campaigns over the last year.

Some are great ideas, some are highly effective, and some are just really damn cool to work on.

So here you go.

Oh, the Chesapeake Bay Plates, the campaign we did years ago is an all-time classic to me and this campaign was equally epic I think. This campaign was all about the pure beauty of the new plate’s design. So beautiful in fact that neighboring states would be jealous. Through digital media, TV and plenty of traditional advertising, our messages warned of plate envy and promised to add some bling to your ride.

Then there was GEBA Life Insurance. Insurance is always a tough sell, but having two strong messages is pretty helpful. First off it’s affordable. I mean how easy is it to scrounge up 43 cents a day. Another strong differentiator is that if you quite or change jobs, you can take your life insurance with you. Portability is what they call it. I love how we created a tangible element with the red lines that are in the logo and represents life. That way we were able to show you literally taking it with you or it always being with you.

This campaign for Anne Arundel Dermatology has pretty straight forward messages and it’s just general awareness so we used literal location based marketing. Specific to the out-of-home targeting like movie theaters, gyms and radio to dramatize the messages.

Bread. Americans used to love bread until all of the low-carb gluten mess was all over the media. Well, the Grain Foods folks have news for ya. It is a scientific fact that bread is healthy for your mind and body. This campaign challenges you to check the facts and finally enjoy bread again. We did some pretty over the top stuff to make our point and even landed a few PR pick-ups in Times Square.

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