Addressing Hispanic Audiences in Restaurant Marketing

When putting together a comprehensive marketing plan for your restaurant business, it is very important to consider how different demographics make purchasing decisions and overall relate with your content. While considering this for people of all backgrounds is crucial, it is especially necessary to address Hispanic audiences in your marketing initiatives, as they continue to be one of the largest and fastest growing consumer groups in the United States.1

Studies show that Hispanic audiences in the U.S. are now deeply influenced by digital and social channels, rather than traditional advertising mediums. This research also presents that Hispanic people are becoming more brand loyal to companies that make the extra effort to represent their culture in their marketing, as well as their overall business model.2 Therefore, the restaurant industry can make sure to reach this powerful demographic with their marketing strategies in the following ways:

Offer both English and Spanish within digital presence and marketing materials.

While many Hispanic people living in the U.S. are bilingual, a restaurant taking the time to offer communication pieces in both languages will further connect with this group. This could include larger restaurant chains creating separate targeted social media pages that post in Spanish, as well as smaller/local food establishments offering their printed and online menus in both languages. Hispanic people living in the U.S. will notice and build confidence in restaurants that clearly show an interest in making sure they are properly engaging with them.

Develop a better understanding of their cultural values and engage appropriately.

Recognizing the unique cultural ideals that most Hispanic people value can have a significantly positive impact on their loyalty to your restaurant and overall brand. A sense of unity when it comes to family and friends, and bringing everyone together for a meal, resonates deeply with this group.3 Therefore, using messaging and imagery that directly relates to this principle in digital marketing efforts can greatly increase a restaurant’s appeal to Hispanic members of the community.

Focus marketing on the dine-in experience and quality of food and service.

Another cultural difference of Hispanic people compared to other groups and/or the rest of the population is that they are more likely to dine in with companions, like their family members and friends, than to order carryout.3 Therefore, this tendency can be used to a restaurant’s advantage when executing a marketing plan. They can advertise things like dine-in only specials and focus messaging about the exceptional service they provide to all customers when you sit down and eat with them. 

Connecting with the continuously growing Hispanic population is a very important and lucrative opportunity for all restaurants to consider in their marketing goals. Establishing a brand loyal group of these consumers can help to grow a brand’s credibility and overall business in today’s competitive food industry market. 

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