4 Tips For Elective Medical Practice Social Media Management

Elective medical practice social media can be tricky due to various privacy laws and social media restrictions. The key is to find a balance between informative, client focused and non-specific. We’re recommending four content pillars that will help inform your approach to content on your elective medical practice’s social channels. 

Showcase Your Skills 

Elective medical practices often offer a wide variety of services attending to a range of patient concerns. Including a steady rotation of what services you offer is an important aspect to your digital marketing strategy. This also gives you the chance to promote certain services that may be included in a special or drum up interest if booking for that service has been low. You don’t have to get into the nitty gritty of each service, but give enough information that an individual can envision how it would help them. 

Introduce the Team

Don’t shy away from including posts that introduce the medical professionals themselves. Same goes for pictures of your office! Allowing potential new patients to get a sense of the environment so that the providers can sway them to go with your practice over another. Including information about your medical providers’ background, specialties, and even what they like to do in their free time can help a potential patient visualize their experience.  

Share Experiences 

This recommendation will require extra care. Work with a legal team to create a process for asking clients about their experience that will uphold HIPAA. In most cases it is okay for staff to mention various review sites to patients or post information in offices that allow patients to know reviews are accepted. However, if your practice is considering reaching out to clients via text or email, make sure those patients have already given you permission to contact them that way. Reviews are a great resource for medical practices because nothing is stronger than word of mouth. Think about the last time you researched a new medical professional, did you take the time to read reviews? If you’re like most, then yes you did! 

Provide Information and Resources 

Not only do potential new patients visit your social channels for information on the practice and others’ experiences, but they also visit to learn more about what you offer. Blogs about the different services you offer that dive into things like why the procedure could be needed, what happens during and what the recovery process is like can be very beneficial in helping someone make the decision to book an appointment. 

It takes a lot of care and thought to successfully utilize digital marketing for an elective medical practice. Creating resources for potential and current patients is a valuable part of marketing your practice. 

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