A Whole New (CPG) World

A Whole New (CPG) World

Anna Forbes

Anna Forbes

A marketing maestro, Anna guides the planning, execution and management for a variety of B2B and B2C clients.

As I recently read through Gartner’s predictions for the impact of converging technology in consumer goods manufacturing in 2013 I couldn’t help but get excited about the future of the CPG world in the coming months. According to Gartner’s research, the consumer goods market is ripe for brands and leaders to invest in and leverage new technologies to help create a more direct, powerful and personal relationships with consumers.

The fact is social media, mobile, cloud data, and ease of access to information online are not new. The change is in how consumers are using them all at once and shifting more and more online. Consumers are taking advantage of new technologies and custom shopping experiences; they’re relying on social networks as their primary source of news and information, not just traditional media. With so much power in the hands of the consumer, consumer goods manufacturers are faced with the reality that a comprehensive digital marketing strategy is an absolute necessity. This includes the ability to spot and invest in new technologies that will contribute to the ultimate goal of creating stronger direct relationships with consumers and customers.

While the opportunities for new technologies and digital strategies are great, they’re not the end all be all for 2013. The consumer market is becoming more and more digital, but consumers still want a multichannel brand experience with a brand that has values they trust. Integration is still the key to success. Brands and marketers cannot simply replace their traditional marketing plans with digital ones. These strategies should be integrated into the overall marketing plan. It’s what we’ve always done with our CPG clients and it hasn’t failed us yet.

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