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Increase market share for national CPG brand with limited budget

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Better than Bouillon is a nationally distributed bouillon paste available in 5 ounce jars. It provides a healthier, better tasting and more cost-effective alternative to traditional bouillon and pre-packaged broths. Like many mid-tier brands, even substantial sales revenue does not allow for a mass media budget. This Brand Manager sought a way to “move the needle” of national household penetration with a rather limited marketing budget.


To stretch the budget, our strategy was to develop a year-round digital campaign that would stimulate product trial and foster sales growth. We built a branded social media presence from the ground up and began fostering a powerful community for Better Than Bouillon users, both new and old. The consumer relationship begins with everyday engagement: recipes, cooking tips, polls, blog features and more. Influencer outreach has also played a key role in creating powerful exposure beyond what the budget alone can buy. Online influencers post reviews, host giveaways and help introduce the product to new consumers, enticing them to try Better Than Bouillon. Paid digital campaigns are a critical integration point to amplify the social media marketing efforts. Carefully targeted Facebook ads support audience growth while text ads placed for strategic keywords capture the audience that’s actively searching online. Content networks placements cast a wider net across a large online audience to build brand awareness and support promotional efforts. The real key to success has been the development of creative campaigns that keep our audience engaged and bring new users into the fold:
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  • 5,000 Jar Giveaway — created massive online buzz, supported audience growth and directly impacted trial stimulation goals.
  • “Artful Soup” Campaign — an artistic spin on the traditional soup staples created powerful interactions with chef-inspired recipes on a creative microsite that allowed users to tour the halls of a “Soup Art Gallery” with recipes in Abstract, Modern and Classical wings.
  • Coupon Promotions — fans love contributing to the page but they love product samples and coupons even more. Coupons and giveaways encourage sharing and reposting.
  • “Secret Ingredient” Campaign — Better Than Bouillon is every great cook’s secret weapon. This campaign features original content from unique ways to use the product to new recipes to general cooking short cuts. Fans are encouraged to share their secrets for a chance to win samples, coupons and super secret prize packs. There’s even a chance to taste a brand new flavor, not available in stores.


  • Campaign engaged over 65,000 influencers
  • Over 209 million impressions from integrated digital campaigns
  • Over 36,000 direct interactions with original content
  • Double digital sales growth 3 years in a row

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