4 Tips to Creating a Consistent and Cohesive Instagram Feed for Restaurants

Does the perfect Instagram feed exist? The jury is out on that one, but we can get your restaurant quite close. Creating a cohesive instagram feed for restaurants is important. As a creative brand, you want to make sure that your restaurant’s Instagram feed pops. You want to ensure that it holds a solid rhythm that flows through every post. In many cases, your brand’s Instagram feed is the first impression. Dress up your Instagram feed like it’s meeting a client for the first time. Here are four tips to help you do just that. 

  1. Shake Hands with a Color Palette 

The best restaurant Instagram feeds are the ones that have consistent, cohesive colors throughout. The colors should reflect your brand and communicate its personality. If your restaurant is fine dining, you may stick to more neutral tones such as white, gray, pale blue, and cream. If your restaurant is more fast casual or experimental, express that by including bright colors, such as pinks and purples. Another option is to base your feed off the colors you have incorporated in your physical space, to give it that cohesive feel. Whether your restaurant is on one side of the spectrum or the other, it is important to stay consistent with the color scheme by choosing colors that compliment each other and that are present throughout your entire feed.

Tip: Don’t know if your restaurant’s feed currently has a cohesive color scheme? Check out your palette to see what colors your feed pulls. It will help you evaluate the changes your feed needs to make for an optimal color scheme. 

  1. Post Often, but not Constantly 

Instagram’s algorithm picks and chooses which users see which posts, so it is not certain that every post will reach the same users. The good news is, users may see your posts days later, so your engagement will continue even as the days go on. To get the most engagement and views on your content, post often, but not constantly. Post enough for users to notice you, but not too much that your posts stop appearing on people’s feeds. 

Tip: Test the waters! Rome was not built in a day, and neither was your Instagram feed. Post more often one week, and a little less the next. See how your engagement fluctuates and pick a happy medium. 

  1. Editing Never Hurt Anybody 

Photo and video editing tools are your friend. As much as we would love to have each photo have the same amount of brightness, shadows, and color, that is not possible. Instead, your restaurant should rely on a reliable editing tool to make sure that each piece of content on your feed presents the same way, with similar levels of lighting and clarity. Not only will that communicate that your brand is professional, but it will also create a cohesive theme throughout your feed. 

Tip: Choose an editing tool that works best for you. Try out a few filters or color correctors that match the aesthetic your restaurant is going for, and use that for all of your future content. 

  1. Encourage Engagement 

An important part of feed cohesion is making sure your users stay consistent with their engagement. Having one or two posts on your feed that blow up with dozens of comments and hundreds of likes is great, but you want that to exist throughout your entire profile. If each of your posts has a healthy amount of likes and comments, that will communicate to your audience that your restaurant is stirring up conversation and is successful at producing engageable content. 

Tip: Prompt your followers to comment and tag a friend on a post of yours to help create traffic to your feed. 

Now that you have the tips to create a cohesive Instagram feed for your restaurant, it is your time to shine. Remember that having a consistent and cohesive brand on your social media pages is a surefire way to attract digital advertisers, and amplify your digital marketing presence.

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