4 tips for financial institutions using LinkedIn

With around 90 million LinkedIn users labeled as senior-level influential people and 63 million working in decision-making positions, companies should be taking advantage of the opportunities they have to make a lasting impression. Financial institutions know how to talk about money. So why not carry that knowledge over to LinkedIn? We break down four tips for financial institutions using LinkedIn.

Provide helpful advice

Posting advice is a smart way to connect with your followers on an educational level. Financial institutions have a wide variety of expertise on topics like student loans, investments, banking, mortgages, etc. that will relate to anyone who scrolls by your posts. Don’t be afraid to get creative while forming this content. Here are a couple of ways advice can be shared:

  • Film a short video showing steps on how to do a specific task.
  • Create an infographic or chart that displays advice in a simpler style for better readability.
  • Link to an article on your company blog that provides more information on a chosen topic. (see picture below)
  • Use quotes from leadership members. An employee with expert knowledge will seem more legitimate. Include their job title and a headshot, if available.
8 tips for commuter students in college from Earnest LLC social media post

Enrich personal connections

LinkedIn is all about professional networking. While business pages can’t do a ton of personal networking, leadership members can. Recruit your top tier employees to connect with present/future clients and partners. This interaction could be a quick but informative message, an invite to follow the company page, or even just a connection request. If messaging is the route you choose, be sure to customize your note, ultimately leading back to your website or service in some way. Make sure the content is enticing and relevant to the recipient’s own professional endeavors. LinkedIn messaging can even become a full marketing campaign if that’s something your team wants to pursue more of in the future.

Promote your services

One way to develop service-focused content is to analyze your service offerings a little closer. Create social media cards for your services that can be used as evergreen content to keep new and old followers up-to-date on what your company does. For example, if you’re a mortgage company, people might find it helpful to learn how to book an appointment with you to discuss their first mortgage. Don’t forget to leverage things like your contact page, mobile app (see picture below), phone number, and email/mailing address so people can easily find you. Always share coupon codes, discounts, or other current promotions going on as this will act as more of an incentive for your customers. Weave this information naturally into your content calendar so it doesn’t feel too promotional.

Farmer's insurance social media post promoting newly redesigned app

Always engage

With so many ways to engage with people on LinkedIn, it’s easier than ever to throw your hat in the ring. Try out these tips as you become more active on the platform:

  • Stay up to date on all relevant industry news. “React”, “comment”, and “share” it if you agree and support the content.
  • Create a LinkedIn group where like-minded professionals can come together to discuss tactics, potential clients, and industry questions.
  • “React” and “reply” to comments/shares on your published content. If someone asks a question, take the time to answer it or redirect them to a source that will help.
  • Post discussion questions to prompt the reader to not only read but take part in a more meaningful conversation. For example: “Do you invest your money? How did you learn about investing? Share your answer in the comments below!”

Financial institutions using LinkedIn should implement these tips as they move forward with a social media strategy and always remember to utilize the knowledge they already have available to them. 

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