Target Different Generations with Your Website

Target Different Generations with Your Website

Christina Drews-Leonard

Christina Drews-Leonard

As an art director and search engine strategist at The Cyphers Agency for over 15 years, Christina seeks to amplify your brand and focuses on enhancing your brand's message on the internet and in other media.
Websites for generations

Targeting content to different generations makes sense since it brings in new visitors to our websites. Look beyond stereotypes about different generations and focus on results instead. All generations from Boomers to Gen Z are using the internet. What varies is whether they turn first to their phone or to a desktop computer and their favorite websites to visit. In addition, generations seek information that reflects their stage in life.

Let’s take a peek at stats about the different generations:

  • Depression Era or Lost Generation – 1912-21 (11 million)
  • World War II, G.I. Generation, or Greatest Generation – 1922-27 (11 million)
  • Silent Generation or Post War Cohort – 1928-45 (41 million)
  • Baby Boomers or Boomers – 1946-65 (82 million)
  • Gen X, Forgotten or Middle Child Generation – 1966-76 (41 million)
  • Millennials or Gen Y – 1977-97 (71 million)
  • Gen Z or Zoomers – 1997-2012 (72 million)
  • Gen Alpha? – 2013-Now

Define Who You Want to Reach

Next, evaluate which generation you want to reach the most with your website. Look at your Google analytics and check the age ranges for your traffic. If your business gets foot traffic, see if the age ranges seem to match your online traffic. When the age ranges are close, you’re on target. On the other hand, if your site is off-track, you can make changes to your site’s look and content to make it work for another generation.

For instance, a bank or financial institution with clients mainly from older generations can target younger audiences with topics that appeal to them. Offer information about how to start your first business or buy your first home. Offer videos with a quick take on financial topics important to youth.

In addition, to target younger generations, your site should be mobile optimized and fast loading. A dark mode can save battery power on mobile devices and make reading easier on the eyes late in the evening.

By targeting different generations to get new customers you can grow your business. Try a pay-per-click campaign on websites that are popular with the generations you seek as a way to get started. We can help you define your particular needs as well, feel free to call or send us a question.

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Generation data resources – and

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