Using Social Media to Find New Talent for Your Company 

Social media is a great resource for businesses of all sizes to promote open positions and gather qualified candidates. Whether you’re looking for entry level or c-suite roles, social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook make it easy to reach your desired candidates. Let’s take a look at the features and formats on select platforms that can increase awareness of your open position.  


It’s the obvious choice when starting your candidate search, and for good reason! LinkedIn offers free job listings as well as paid options to bring your position to those who will be most interested. Not only does LinkedIn primarily function for the corporate world, but it’s also focused on ease of use. The “Easy Apply” feature removes the need for long applications, a barrier for some applicants.  

When users search for a job on LinkedIn the results that have Easy Apply will be clearly labeled as shown above.  


While you may think of Facebook as a purely personal platform, there are many industries that can thrive on the platform when recruiting. Try out paid advertising on Facebook so you can uniquely target your desired audience as well as include imagery and captions that highlight all aspects of the job – environment, team, responsibilities and so on.  


Stories are very popular on Instagram. Even more so as the linking feature became available to all and allowed users to create eye-catching calls-to-action in the link sticker. Post clips or images that give a glimpse at the role you’re looking to fill and link to the application. It’s a one-stop shop for those interested in your company.  


Niche communities on X are great assets to leverage when conducting a job candidate search. If you’re actively involved in your industry’s discussions on the platform and have made connections with other users, share your hiring news! Make a post and ask your digital peers to share it out or tag people they know of who may be interested in the role.  

RJW The App Marketing Guy using social media to get applicants to a job
Here is a great example of people leveraging their community on X to help. The tweet includes a brief description of what the job includes and the author used relevant hashtags to help increase exposure! 

The options can truly be endless when it comes to how best to leverage social media in your candidate search, allowing businesses to test and learn what works best!  

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