Behind the Scenes: Reckless Shepherd Brewery Product Photo Shoot

As an advertising agency we provide a full range of services, helping our clients to communicate efficiently using social media is one of them. When Reckless Shepherd Brewery told us they wanted to launch a seasonal beer for St Patrick’s Day, we knew that was a fantastic opportunity to be creative and try new things. Reckless Shepherd is a brewery located in Columbia, MD, known for their tasty beers and its energetic atmosphere. Being part of their St. Patrick’s Day event by orchestrating a photo-shoot of their new beer to promote it on social media was a significant moment since my arrival at the agency.
boondock saints label
The shots needed to reflect the beer type and personality. Boondock Saints is a balanced, toasty, and dry stout. So, when my colleague Christine Shenk, account executive, came to me for this job, it makes sense for us to imagine a studio white background for this dark type of beer. Christine also suggested the idea to add some St. Patrick’s Day props in the shot. For this classic white background studio style shot, I chose to light up the scene with a three lights setup. A main diffused light coming from the left, a reduced filler light coming from the right to soften the shadows, and a back light to reveal the contours or the glass and the props. Using an 80mm f1.8 lens allowed me to play with the depth of field and keep a realistic “flat look”.
Once the shots were done, I loaded my raw files in Adobe Lightroom Classic to choose the best ones and start the development process. Working on raw files instead of jpeg offers us a lot more editing possibilities, and saves a lot of time if the shot is a little too under or overexposed. After adjusting the white balance and tweaking exposure settings, cropping and correcting imperfections is my go-to. To keep a simple and classic look, I avoided applying any strong color filter, only some tweaks on the RGB curves.
Original Shot
Original Shot
Working on these shots was a real treat for me. To be able to work efficiently and creatively with The Cyphers Agency team, providing high quality services to our clients with specific needs reminds me every time why I chose this path.

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