3 ways for universities to build relationships with students through live streaming

Now, more than ever, universities must adapt to the online world. Students and family members rely on virtual assistance for help and count on live streamed events when they can’t attend in person. Virtual courses and office hours have also become increasingly popular among the COVID-19 pandemic as classes are no longer held on campus. Universities can use live streaming to build engaging relationships with new and existing students in these 3 ways.

  1. Connect with prospective students through virtual tours 

Live streaming has transformed the student recruitment process. Real time virtual tours provide prospective students with a realistic experience of being on campus without having to set aside extra time and costs for travel. Consider offering virtual tours through a live, student guided video to provide a personal online interaction for viewers. Provide a virtual option to help prospective students and their families as they explore enrolling at your university so you won’t miss out on any opportunities to recruit new students. 

  1. Keep students and families in the know by live streaming events

Universities tend to be extremely active. Many events such as graduations, sporting events, educational sessions and musical performances are held on or near campuses. Here are a few ways universities can benefit from live streaming events: 

  • Bring student activities and the campus community to a larger audience by going live on social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn Live, Instagram Stories, or through Twitter’s live video through Periscope. This keeps prospective students aware of what it’s like to attend your university. 
  • Relieve current students from the pressure of missing important events due to busy schedules or illness by providing live streaming and on-demand recordings when they can’t attend in person. 
  • Prevent family members from missing out on special moments when they can’t attend in person by live streaming special occasions such as basketball games or graduation ceremonies.
  1. Create real time connections with virtual courses & office hours 

Virtual courses and office hours allow students to interact with professors and their classmates. Universities can leverage both to foster better relationships with students and stay connected in real time. 

  • Create a real classroom environment by utilizing platforms such as Zoom and Google Classrooms. Students can chat and share files in addition to viewing live recordings. 
  • Offer virtual office hours to have more time for student meetings. Professors can also archive recordings of office meetings and share them with the student or reference at a later date.
  • Gain valuable course feedback through Q&A and chat options. This allows students to provide feedback in real time and helps to ensure they won’t forget any important information. 

If your university is not using live streaming, now is the time to get started! Incorporating live streaming into your campus operations, community, and curriculum will create strong and engaging relationships with both new and prospective students. 

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