Tips for Finding the Right Foodie Influencer for your Restaurant

Foodie influencer taking a food photo on phone

Influencers are a great resource for restaurants. With word of mouth being a strong factor in people deciding where they want to eat, choosing the right influencer is important. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, here are some great ways to get started on finding a brand representative and how to vet their accounts.


Research your competitors to see what influencers they have partnered with. Is there another restaurant in your city that seems to have it all going on? Look up their social accounts and see if they have partnered with influencers in the past. A good way to do this is to notice the photo credit for posts on their social accounts. Another option is to look at who has tagged the restaurant in their posts. You can find this by going to their profile and clicking the “tag” icon. Don’t overlook geo-tags on posts as well! You can search for the restaurant location in the search tab of Instagram.

Speaking of using Instagram searches, try out “city name” + “food” or “restaurants” or “foodie” in the tags. #BaltimoreFood, #BaltimoreFoodie, and #BaltimoreRestaurants all have a huge collection of photos with those hashtags. Click into a photo and then the poster’s account to see what they post, who follows them, and how many people engage with their posts. These are good indicators of a successful food/restaurant account.

Now that you’ve created a list of potential influencers to partner with, it’s time to have a more critical eye on the profiles.


Once you’ve identified an influencer, check engagement on their posts- do they respond, are they friendly, descriptive of their experience? All of these factors contribute to a successful and worthwhile restaurant/food influencer. When you have someone posting images of your restaurant and their experience, it’s important that they can handle the feedback and questions from their followers. You’ll want to see responses from the influencer to users asking specifics about the restaurant, the food and their overall experience.

Check their photo quality! A bit of an obvious one, but make sure that their pictures of food are appetizing.

Check their tags in photos and comments to search for similar influencers. It’s a tight community, whether it’s from working with the same brand, group blogging events or they just happen to be friends, check out who is in their photos and who they are communicating with and you might just find another influencer!

While these tips are just to start, they will help you cultivate and review a list of potential influencers to partner with for your brand.

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