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Every year at this time, like everyone else I sit back and look at all of the “best of” lists. My favorite lists are those that involve creative campaigns or just plain innovative thinking. I read about this idea early in the year but did not see it once completed. I thought it was a great idea then but once I saw it in action, it became one of my favorites of the year.

I’m a big fan of ambient media. Defined as out-of-home products and services determined by some as non-traditional or alternative media. I especially am a fan of this media when it doesn’t cost a dime. I’m an even bigger fan if it somehow has a giving component for the consumer. Which brings me to an ambient campaign for New Standard Beer.

creative campaigns

Day drinking can cause irresponsibility, lack of motivation and downright laziness. As an adult with major responsibilities, you find that you just can’t take part in day drinking at all. UNLESS, you somehow consume less alcohol. Why not try a lower alcohol beer while doing chores around the house? New Standard positioned their brand as a new lower alcohol beer to fit a “parent’s lifestyle.” In this campaign, New Standard decided to not only offer you a better day drinking option, they also offered something to help with your chores.

Last fall at the height of yard work season, this promotion involved the distribution of 6,000 New Standard leaf bags to homes in the tri-state area. The promotional packaging described the product as: “Our focus is on ‘grown-ups’, parents, adults – people who want the reward of socializing and some drinks, but still have real-life responsibilities – jobs, kids, house-work.” Once filled, the bags resemble the brand’s beer can with it’s “adulting message” and line the streets of the entire neighborhood. Turning driveways into media spaces… thousands of billboards whose media didn’t cost a dime.

creative campaigns

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